Points and Prizes


Here is how you can support your favorite local running shop and yourself!

We all know you want to do your best to support your local running community. So, if you win a prize you will be able to choose whatever running store you like and we will buy you a gift certificate. A win win! Literally! 

Prizes will be awarded according to a point system. Top 5 total accumulated point getters get a prize:

  • 1 Point for each time you complete any of the distances (must submit your time and GPS data)
  • 1 Point for every selfie you post on your run and tag Fight The Covid 19 on any your own social media, or in the FB group
  • 1 Point if you wear your race bib while doing your run or walk (picture required)
  • 1 Point if you can prove it was raining on your run/walk, you should be rewarded for getting out in the rain! 
  • 1 Point if you complete any distance on April 19th or May 19th. 1 additional point if you finish or start at any :19 of any hour on the 19th. 
  • 1 Point for each weekly BINGO line you complete. 
  • 2 Points if your GPS maps make up a cool graphic like a virus molecule, the number 19 or anything else creative that has to do with this pandemic. 
  • 3 Points if on your run or walk you drop off much needed medical supplies to a clinic or hospital (must submit picture of drop off)
  • 3 Points if a friend signs up for the race using your name as a referral (there is a spot on the registration form for them to credit you)
  • 4 Points if you choose to add a donation to Seattle Foundation when you register. 
  • 5 Extra Points to anyone who completes all distances (must be done on separate days)
  • 5 Extra Points to anyone who completes any one distance 19 separate days 
  • 5 Extra Points to anyone running any distance 19 days in a row (run streak)
  • 5 Points awarded to fastest male and female in each distance category
  • 10 Points for biggest weight loss over the period of the race! Must submit weight at beginning of event and at the end of event on May 31st. Numbers will not be made public
  • 1,000,000,000 points if you come up with a vaccine for this darn thing! 

Point tallies will be posted as needed on the Facebook group and in the weekly emails. 

Please submit your pictures, times or vaccine patent to: info@runforgoodracingcompany.com or submit on our FB group or Strava Group.