All of us could use a little motivation these days to fight the notorious Covid 19, pounds that is! Your'e staying home; the kitchen beckons and comfort foods are calling your name. You are not as active as you would like. Let's help each other through this crazy time by staying healthy together. 


Sign up for some motivation to get outdoors in a fun way. This is a virtual event. Choose the time, the place and the distance. Anywhere from 1.9 KM all the way up to 19 Miles! 

Run or walk your race, at an appropriately social distance of course!  

Virtual race will open from March 30 until May 31st. Complete your race distance any time during this time period, or every day if you want! Rack up extra points by doing extra challenges (See next page). 

Add your swag options if you are into that sort of thing, or sign up for a low cost to access exclusive content and your official bib. 

This race is open to anyone in the United States (for shipping reasons).

A portion of the proceeds benefit Seattle Foundation Covid 19 Fund

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Do you have questions or comments about the event? Do you need special accommodations? Send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Fight the Covid 19 Virtual Run

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